Over the years, Lagos state commuters in general have become accustomed to the inherent problems associated with inadequate parking. Double parking and exorbitant parking fees are just a few of the daily practices of car users in the city. However, this is about to change as Parkwell provides affordable and safe parking spaces away from the center of the typical ‘agbero’ activities. 

Major parts of the state such as Ikeja and Lekki are in a relatively difficult situation due to the conversion of residential to office. This conversion has caused dense parking which was not considered enough.  Most offices have not been intentional about providing parking lots for their employees. Hence, they have to find and rent vacant lots or force other costly arrangements for their employees.

parkwell; traffic situation on Lagos road caused by on-street parking activities

Street parking 

Currently, houses without parking lots are being built, and high-rise condominiums that ignore parking lots for residents are appearing here and there. Even schools are built without consideration for parking and entertainment spaces. In other words, the current situation is that residents have to park on both sides of the road. Some landowners have very few parking spaces on their building plans, while others have ignored city planning laws and turned the indicated parking spaces into rows of stores. It is very disappointing that some even convert their homes into business centers while customers park on the road and block other road users. Now, without addressing the same problems, new settlements are popping up every day across the state, while developers are tearing down old homes every day in key parts of the state. 


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This unhealthy practice is so prevalent today that after residents use large stretches of roads for parking, pedestrians and vehicles struggle to navigate the narrow lanes that remain on these roads. This situation has led to accidents and unspeakable hardships for both pedestrians and commuters. It also discourages walking on the street for recreational or exercise purposes. This is a right of certain street residents that is practiced all over the world. The fear of being run over by motorists trying to navigate narrow streets prevents law-abiding citizens from exercising their human rights. We want to believe that this is a major concern for the state government.

A study conducted by the Lagos State Metropolitan Transport Authority LAMATA showed that street parking is the main cause of congestion in the metropolitan area. The study also found that every 10 seconds, as many as 10 vehicles are vying for a parking space on every road in the state. This often results in many cars getting parked on the side of the road or on sidewalks, while others are coping with double parking or blocking oncoming traffic. It causes traffic jams, especially during rush hour.

For builders and property owners, especially in commercial real estate, it is imperative to address the parking problem, especially by providing ample parking spaces for all commercial buildings. This will help integrate the state's public transportation management system. Event centers, hotels, restaurants, mosques, residential areas, churches, central business districts, and streets have also been encouraged to do so. This could be maintained through the development of appropriate infrastructures, such as multi-level on-street and off-street parking.

parkwell; traffic situation on Lagos road caused by too many on-road activities


One reason why Parkwell was built was to solve the parking issue in busy cities like Lagos. With Parkwell, you can be sure of;

  • Safe parking space for your car.

  • Affordable parking space

  • Variety of parking options

  • Car parking insurance

Parkwell is an asset to all Lagos citizens especially workers and regular road users. Join us on this journey to making Lagos state motorable and safe again.

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