Is Your Car Document Complete Or It's Just Vibes

A lot of people are guilty of driving a car with incomplete papers. You know the funny thing, some people don't know what documents are to be in their car. But not to worry, we're here to help you, so next time, when you're going out and you check your car documents, you know which one should be there.

Driver's License


It is very important for you as a driver to have a driver's license. In so many cases, when you're stopped, the first thing you're asked for is your driver's license. Check your driver's license, is it up to date? Make sure it is not expired.

Also, your driver license could be renewed every three or five years.

Proof Of Ownership


It is also very important that you have a valid proof of ownership. In a lot of cases, the proof of ownership is given at the vehicle registration office. If the car you bought is a used one, make sure you have the change of ownership form.

Car  Insurance


It is very important that you have a comprehensive insurance document for your car. A car insurance is going to save you from so many hassles especially a third party insurance.

Certificate of Road Worthiness


A certificate of road worthiness is the document that says your car is fit to be on the road for a particular period of time. It has to be renewed annually so make sure yours isn’t expired. 

Vehicle License


You also need the Vehicle license or registration. This is to prove that the vehicle has been registered . This also needs to be renewed annually so make sure yours hasn’t expired yet, and if it is about to, make sure you renew it.

Safety and Emergency Material


Although these are not car documents, it is important that you have them. You need to have a fire extinguisher, a good spare tyre, a car Jack and C-Caution.

If your car documents are not complete, you should try taking a ride or a taxi instead. It saves you the hassle of having to answer to law enforcement officers.

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