How To Change Car Ownership In Nigeria

Want to buy a used car but don't know how to do it without breaking the law?

If a buyer purchases a used Nigerian car from the original owner, they must change the ownership of the car to their name. The reason for this is obviously ownership in case of theft or dispute. Also, after buying a used car in Nigeria, the new owner must change the ownership of the car with the Nigerian Vehicle Inspector. Violation of this is actually a crime and will result in a fine.

According to the stipulation of the Federal Road Safety Commission, in order to perform a legal change of car ownership, you will deal with these four offices below:

  1. Vehicle Inspection Office

  2. Vehicle Licensing Office

  3. Vehicle Registration Office

  4. Raters and Taxes Office

Some of the documents required for a Change of Ownership process include the;

- Old registration form 'MVAA 01',

- Proof of ownership,

- Valid Vehicle Licence,

- Receipt of Purchase,

- Letter of Authority to effect the change of ownership,

- Sworn Affidavit by the new owner,

- Police report to support the change of ownership,

- CMR Information for change of ownership and

- a means of identification (National ID/ Drivers Licence)

However, here's a detailed guideline on how to change car ownership in Nigeria:

Step 1: Vehicle inspection

Go with the original owner of the vehicle you want to purchase to any vehicle inspection office nearest to you for a vehicle inspection report.

Ideally, a vehicle inspection officer (VIO) will carry out a series of inspections on the vehicle to determine its roadworthiness for Nigerian roads. After that, the VIO issues an inspection report with the condition of the car and if it can be purchased by a new owner.

Step 2: Form MVA 5

This must be completed by the seller or previous owner of a vehicle planning to change ownership to notify the Vehicle Registry of the change of ownership. is a form.

Step 3: Transfer Form

The previous owner and purchaser must complete a transfer form at the tax office.

Step 4: Gather the necessary documents 

The buyer, or the new owner, must present the documents listed below to a vehicle licensing officer at the vehicle licensing office where the car was first registered to begin the process of changing ownership.

  1. Plate number allocation form; known as blue form (original)

  2. Proof of ownership (original)

  3. Valid means of identification (Voter’s card, National id, Drivers license, or International passport)

  4. Passport photographs of the new owner

  5. Letter of transfer

  6. Receipt of purchase from the original owner

  7. Third-party insurance for the car

  8. Valid vehicle license

  9. Police report and/or vehicle inspection form

Step 5: Complete the process and pay all fees 

Ideally, both parties should sign all forms necessary to change car ownership in front of a rater and taxes officer at the rater and taxes office.

After you submit the required documents, you will be required to pay a processing fee before the application is processed.

The previous owner is required to inform the vehicle registration office of the change in ownership following the transfer of ownership at the vehicle licensing office.  

He or she would also hand over the registration book to the new owner, who would then use it to record the new ownership details. The notice of change must be sent to the vehicle registration office no later than thirty days after the date of the actual change of ownership by the office of vehicle licensing, according to the terms.

A certificate of import duty payment or an exemption certificate issued to the new owner must accompany the notice of change of ownership if the vehicle in question was imported into the country without paying import duty, as per adventure.

The vehicle registration office will then update the new owner's information in its register once all of these conditions are met. This procedure might take between 5 and 10 business days.

Also, keep in mind that a car must have been registered for at least six months for ownership to be changed successfully.

We hope that this helps you as you change your car ownership.


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