How sustainable are allocated parking spaces? 

Hello, it's another beautiful Monday and we are excited to be sharing this with you.

We keep talking about the issues that might be allocated with the population. Some of those problems centre around the economy, mobility and even urban planning and in recent times, a lot of thought process has gone towards urbanization.

Allocated parking spaces simply means that a person will have an approved or exclusive parking space, that is, no other person will have the right to use the allocated parking space or area. Allocated parking spaces are quite sustainable because they make the constant search for parking spaces easier and faster.

Drivers often spend a good number of looking for parking spaces which can add to the issue of road traffic because they are always driving at low speed, however with the introduction of allocated parking spaces, drivers would no longer need to keep driving miles or park far away from their destinations before they find suitable and safe space for their cars. Also, drivers will also have a permanent parking space for a time duration while.

These parking spaces used to be convenient but with the gradual increase in internal migration, it is not so much. Nowadays, allocated parking spaces thrive with sharing and borrowing. For example, the owner of a parking space might be on a vacation, instead of other people searching for parking spaces, the empty space could be utilised so other people could use them. As a result, drivers can easily find parking spaces and at zero or low cost.

Drivers can also find parking spaces by using parking applications, for example, the ParkWell App. No matter where you are, either work, the mall or even airports we can always find a secure parking space for you. 

Embrace this week with enthusiasm. Remember the journey to success begins with a step, do not let the search for parking spaces be in your way.